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Today's Message

Welcome to Ratna Ling, a Northern California group and personal retreat center located just 90 miles north of San Francisco in the redwood forests of Sonoma County. Grounded in the Tibetan Buddhist wisdom traditions of meditation, yoga, and spirituality, Ratna Ling truly supports the healing and wellness of body and mind.

Latest News

Bring your mother for a pampered weekend…she stays for free!!


Celebrate Mother’s Day with a weekend getaway in the Redwoods, a serene environment for a peaceful respite.  The simple elegance of the rustic lodge and pavilion gardens harmonizes with the natural grandeur of the 120 acre Redwood forest to create a tranquil and sacred environment that nourishes a sense of well being.  Treat yourself to luxury living in one of our spacious cottages.

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Self Care

“We are also taught that we should not be selfish. But we actually can be ‘selfish’ in taking care of ourselves-not in an egotistical, grasping, or melancholy way, but in a deeply caring way- by making our bodies and minds as harmonized as possible…Through the integration and balancing of our minds and bodies, it is possible to attain the inner peace and joy which itself is love.”

–Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche, “Gesture of Balance”, pg. 6

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