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Today's Message

Welcome to Ratna Ling, a Northern California group and personal retreat center located just 90 miles north of San Francisco in the redwood forests of Sonoma County. Grounded in the Tibetan Buddhist wisdom traditions of meditation, yoga, and spirituality, Ratna Ling truly supports the healing and wellness of body and mind.

Latest News

April Showers…


April showers bring May flowers, so the old saying goes. This is true of weather and true of life. To create a life we value that brings joy and satisfaction, we need to be willing to work hard and have faith that the result can be worth it. Here at Ratna Ling, our volunteer staff work six days a week, usually for 10 hours a day. This small but mighty group of dedicated practitioners is usually up at 5:30am for practice and doesn’t finish their day until about 8:30pm when their work-study classes are done. The work is hard and the days are long, but if you ask them, they often state that they feel lucky to be here creating an environment of peace and healing for themselves and the guests who come here. Volunteer Tabitha G. points out, “When you live here, you work for more than just a paycheck. People can come here stressed and upset and leave feeling so much better, and it feels good to know you are a part of that. Also, we live in a community so you are accountable to each other as well as yourself. You can see the effect of your actions and attitude in every aspect of what we do.”

Be sure to check out our Retreats section on the website and like us on Facebook for news on all of our upcoming events!

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