Our Story

Tarthang Tulku, Rinpoche

Our Founder

Arriving in America in 1968, Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche, a master of Buddhist traditions, envisioned a mission to share the wisdom and compassion teachings of his native Tibet with the west, while also helping to preserve its practice in Asia.

Founding Dharma Publishing, shortly after he arrived, provided translations of the precious books that would become the foundation for classes taught at the Nyingma Institute, founded in 1972, in Berkeley, and an inspiration for seekers of knowledge worldwide. A country center named Odiyan was begun in 1975. When land nearby became available in 2004, it seemed the right time to build a retreat center that would be open to a wide array of people wishing to have a place to retreat from city life, even if just for a couple of days.

Our Mission

Ratna Ling is a retreat center offering education, spirituality, and healing. Guided by the Tibetan Buddhist traditions, we aim to share what is best, most beautiful and most meaningful in this precious human existence.

Our Vision

Our name, “Ratna Ling”, means “Land of Jewels”. It was Rinpoche’s vision that the precious jewels of the teachings he brought to our country from a land far away, would touch hearts and open minds and reveal the deep peace within that can be felt while staying in a place of gentle, natural beauty supported by people following a spiritual way of life. Since 2009, our doors have been open to guests from around the world.

Our Retreats

Our retreats focus on developing a clear, calm mind that integrates with a body that is healthy and vibrant. To achieve this, we offer retreats featuring classes in Meditation, Yoga, Self-Compassion, Tibetan Yoga known as Kum Nye, Qi Gong, Mindful Movement, Ayurveda, Sacred Art and Vegetarian Cooking, among many other topics.

We offer a number of retreats for health care professionals, focused on holistic healing, and techniques they can be shared with their patients, while earning their continuing education units.

Mandala Wellness Center

Our Mandala Wellness Center offers a wide range of soothing and healing body work options that greatly enhance a retreat. Massage is an important part of healing and restoration. Even one treatment can awaken a sense of well-being, peace and wonder at life.

All of our expert bodywork and massage practitioners at Ratna Ling have many decades of experience in their field.  We are honored to offer their services during your stay with us.Come to Ratna Ling to escape the city and return renewed and refreshed, with new techniques to help you remain that way!


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