What is it like to take a Personal Retreat at Ratna Ling?

Experience A Day in the Life of a Ratna Ling 2-Night Personal Retreatant

491x327-images-stories-meditation_in_pink_web-1You enter the doors of the Lodge at 3 PM, remove your shoes, and are warmly greeted with tea and the wholesome serenity of the Ratna Ling community. A friendly staff member will give you detailed instructions for your well-being on retreat, a schedule of classes, and the keys to your new home away from home. You will walk a short distance to your beautiful private cottage and begin to feel grounded and supported as you breathe in the cleansing fresh air. Along with redwood and oak trees, you may see many of our peaceful animal friends going about their routine: families of deer, wild turkeys, ravens, rabbits, and fox (just to name a few).

Enjoying a hot cup of tea or coffee in the privacy of your cottage balcony (click for images and amenities), you soak in the natural beauty as all of your cares and worries seem to dissolve into space. Freed from the demands of modern life, you will reconnect with the healing qualities of steady breath and an open heart. The walk to the dining hall for 5:30 PM dinner is refreshing as the sun begins to settle for the evening. A lovingly prepared meal awaits and begs to be eaten with mindfulness and care as the food nourishes your body and soul.

Back at your cottage, an abundance of stars gleam overhead while the nurturing quietude lulls you into a restful night’s sleep. Upon waking you feel rejuvenated and ready to make the most of the day. You walk to the yoga room while the stars fade into the light.


This space is a safe and sacred environment open to all, with plenty of yoga and meditation props for everyone. Your instructor will guide you through gentle and effective movement and stillness practices in the Buddhist tradition, in an attempt to awaken the fullness of your potential.

Your body and senses awake and energized, you head to 8 AM breakfast. The day is full of possibilities and to get the most out of your Ratna Ling experience, you will want to take advantage of our wonderful regularly scheduled Meditation or Yoga classes. In your free time, you may want to enjoy a healing massage (2-week advanced reservations necessary) or bodywork, venture into Salt Point State Park for a hike through the redwoods, explore the local beaches, share conversation with new friends, catch up on your reading or journaling, or simply enjoy the art of being. This full day also includes a healthful and delicious lunch, served at 12:15 PM, and dinner, served at 5:30 PM, and you are more than welcome to bring your own special snacks or beverages.

In the evening you light the fireplace in your cottage and reflect upon the day. Perhaps you learned something new in one of the classes or discovered a delicate flower that seemed to have appeared just for you. You feel recharged, re-balanced, and ready to implement these new discoveries into your life at home. In the morning you may decide to join a second yoga class, or maybe sit for meditation by your fireplace. After breakfast, you are excited to share your experience with the loved ones in your life as you prepare to depart at 11 AM. On your drive home, colors seem a little brighter. You are certain that this Personal Retreat is exactly what you needed and plan to return very soon.

Personal Retreat packages have a 2-night minimum requirement. Packages include private accommodations, meals, and access to all regularly scheduled classes.

For Rates, Availability, and Reservations, e-mail reservations@ratnaling.org or call (510) 809-4995.