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“Ratna Ling has proved to be everything it promised. The cabin and surroundings are amazing. This retreat has really positively affected my life. Thank you!” ~Amelia

“To another wonderful year, This is year 3 and every time I am in awe of this beautiful place. The piece and serenity I receive from this weekend is priceless. Thank you” ~Linda S.
“We have been to lots of nature vacations but none compares to this. This has a peace and tranquility even beyond what the natural surroundings bring to it. To put it simply, it feels good to be here.” ~Julianna&Lew
“Wow! This place is special. After a few days you’ll realize you’re in the middle of something more that is going on, not only within yourself while you’re away from the hustle and bustle- but within Ratna Ling intself. Give yourself the gift of just being here. Take the classes. I’m glad I did! Taste the amazing food!” ~Troy Z.
“My husband and I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to visit this tranquil and beautiful place.” ~Jenny S & Bryn G.

“The purpose of coming here was to get away and have a few days of digital detox, but I know in my heart I am leaving with so much more. The gratitude I feel is overwhelming. Thank you Ratna Ling for creating such a special place.” ~Carolyn B.
“Ratna Ling has has helped me clear my mind because there are no distractions here, just peace and quiet.” ~Barbara S.

“There’s something about Ratna Ling that felt like Home the second I stepped onto its land, and continues to call me Home inside each second I remain – the energy is PEACE and nurturing and I will be making this my retreat destination in the future. I have never experienced anything like it in over 40 years of retreating at different facilities. I highly recommend Ratna Ling to anyone looking to come within and rejuvenate before going back out.” -Jann T.

“Ratna Ling Retreat Center is truly a place to retreat both body and mind. I felt held in the sacredness of this space, completely nurtured. I highly recommend this experience to all seeking refuge in nature and self. This retreat center will be an annual gift to myself as part of my on-going journey to live in balance.” -Angela S.

“Among other programs (including one for ashtanga and “discovering joy”), Ratna Ling showcases Ayurvedic practitioner Helen Thomas’s nourishing weekends, designed to teach yogis self-care practices for staying well and transitioning with the seasons, such as daily abhyanga (self-massage with oil). During the day, Thomas determines your doshic constitution (a.k.a your balance of Ayurvedic energies: kapha, pitta, and vatta) and prescribes customized asana, breathing techniques, and diet tips. At night, you cozy up in a cottage nestled among the California Redwoods.” Featured in the June 2014 edition of Yoga Journal, Retreat – The Ultimate Guide by Lauren Ladoceour

“My husband and I loved everything about the retreat; the location, food, classes, great spirited staff, and cabin house! My husband and I were able to reconnect and enjoy our time together. Thank you Ratna Ling for this great experience. We will be back!” ~ Living Social Reviewer

“Amazing views, food, yoga, community and wildlife. I can’t wait to return!” ~ Yelp Reviewer

“Ratna Ling is a life changing experience for peace, solitude, reflection and clearing the mind and body. If you get the chance of visiting this wonderland, don’t hesitate.” ~ Trip Advisor Reviewer

“Another wonderful retreat at Ratna Ling with Danae aka Bella Yogini (my 3rd!). For four gorgeous days and three blissful nights, our entire group enjoyed our stay at Ratna Ling. Really, why would anyone attend a retreat anywhere else?” ~ Yelp Reviewer

“What a superb place to go on retreat! It is quiet and sunny, with plenty of space to walk around and feel both secluded and secure. The food was deliciously vegetarian, full of flavor and variety. I attended the beginner meditation retreat, which was small and intimate. It had the right balance of explanation and practice, and included some practices outside. It was easy to feel meditative and relaxed in such a beautiful and serene location. The people were friendly and inviting, always answering questions and providing little extras, like a tour of the facilities. I would highly recommend attending a retreat or workshop at Ratna Ling.” ~Merchant Circle Reviewer

“For the meals, there was always a buffet of wonderful filling vegetarian food. Thank you to Jeremy and his kitchen staff from an omnivore in the outside world…And the [cottages]! Luxurious decadence.” ~Yelp Reviewer

“My partner and I booked a 2-night stay at Ratna Ling not knowing exactly what to expect. We were completely blown away by the beauty of the grounds, the views, and our cabin… as other reviews note, the cabins are very spacious, modern, and luxurious. The meals, included in the price, were really delicious with lots of vegan- and gluten-free options. My favorite spot was our deck overlooking the valley and forest.” ~Trip Adviser Reviewer

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