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Rudi Lankreijer

Rudi Lankreijer has worked for the Yeshe De Project for 20 years in bookbinding and printing. He loves to work both with machines and people, and he teaches Skillful Means and the Classical Tibetan Language.

Events with Rudi Lankreijer

Rare Opportunity to Live - Work - Study in Our Community
September 20, 2018

Are you curious about Ratna Ling’s Work-Study-Live Program but are not quite ready to fully commit at this time? We understand that becoming a member of our community may be daunting to some and so, we are offering a weekend volunteer retreat working in our bindery on our Yeshe De Text Preservation Project with an introduction to Skillful Means for potential volunteers to experience: living, working, and studying as a volunteer. In order to participate in this volunteer retreat, we…