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Robin Duryea

Robin studied with teachers Janet Stone, Stephanie Snyder, Darren Main, and Ana Forrest who have informed her unitive offerings that combine alignment-based vinyasa, pranayama, and chanting. Robin’s Buddhist studies have been with Pema Chödrön and the Dalai Lama, and include a solo trip through India, which inspired her to call students to convert their yogic insights into actions.

Robin’s inclusive approach to yoga and life enables me to relate with and to hold space for students wherever they are in their practice and their lives. At the same time, she believes in the power of the practice and the potential of each practitioner challenges students to see where they are ready to evolve so that they too can access this transformational tradition as a tool to invoke radical consciousness, wild sovereignty, unwavering self-expression and untamable love.

Events with Robin Duryea

Robin Duryea Yoga
November 30, 2018

This is a special weekend dedicated to staying healthy, nourished, and grounded through the winter/holiday season. You’ll leave feeling clear, light, and inspired. This weekend Robin be leading you through 4 vinyasa classes designed to detox and purify the body. Building heat while cultivating strength and stamina we’ll cleanse the system of excess stress, food, and drink. In addition, Robin will be holding Pranic Breathing workshop. This is a special type of breath work that…