MeditationThe value of retreat is priceless. Our daily lives can be so full of “doing” that we can easily loose touch with the simple act of “being.” Making time for retreat annually or even bi-annually is one of the most beneficial actions we can take for our overall health and wellbeing. At Ratna Ling, we aim to create an environment that is nourishing for the body, mind and senses.

At Ratna Ling, you may:

Journey into self discovery on a Personal Retreat
Dive into an educational or experiential Ratna Ling Program
Gather your students or team members for a meaningful Group Retreat
Work for the benefit of all beings in our Volunteer Work Study Program

All of our retreats include private accommodations in spacious modern Cottages*, wholesome vegetarian meals and classes in Tibetan Buddhism. Dharma books, meditation cushions, yoga mats and props are readily available to encourage personal practice and exploration.

Ratna Ling is operated by a dedicated intentional community whose resident staff aims to create a meditative and compassionate environment for all beings. It is our hope that all who enter our doors come with a sincere interest in spiritual development and will treat themselves and all living beings with great care and respect.

We warmly invite you into our home, not only as a guest but as a valued member of our community.

*Separate housing for Work Study Program