With sound, I am alive.

A gateway to all the senses, Sound has the power to take us beyond the narrow perceptions of sight and mind.

In life, sounds surround us. These sounds feed us as the food we eat. The quality of sound and the vibration they send through our bodies have the potential to nourish or deplete.

Sitting in the lodge garden at Ratna Ling, I am surrounded by a symphony of nourishing sounds and healing vibrations.

The water flowing along the edges of our patio attune me to the flow of fluids in my body. I become aware of how alive the body is – flowing constantly, circulating life’s energy throughout a miraculous system of energy and fluid channels. With the water, I feel the flow of blood coursing through veins and become in touch with my heart at the center of my physical being. The buzz of busy insects surfing the gentle breeze eases my heart and mind.

The wind floats across my skin brushing past hair as it does through the leaves in the trees. We are the same, floating through time and space- rivers of life flowing through and beyond us. Surrounded by life, senses are enlivened. I feel the radiation of the Cicada’s flexing muscles travel through the space between us, humming against my skin, through the tissue, until there is no separation between us. Connected. Alive. Creating space between the tiniest parts of myself opening space within me, until I feel as expansive as the universe. I vibrate and flow with life.

Sound brings me to this moment.
With sound, I am alive.

At Ratna Ling we are blessed to be surrounded by the sacred sounds of nature and devotion.