Last year, we had a beautiful married couple join us in our first Yoga Teacher Training. Pippa Hallos-Folk of England and Greg Folk of Canada, both highly trained chefs, decided to complete this training while they were traveling the world together.

Ratna Ling: How would you describe Shivakali Yoga Teacher Training to a person looking at yoga schools?
Pippa: My husband and I knew we wanted to do our yoga teacher training but we had very little idea of what we were looking for when we started researching the different schools and courses available. However, when we stumbled across Shivakali and the YTT course held in the Californian Redwoods, we knew it was the one for us and I am very happy to say, it did not disappoint. Right from the time when we made our first inquiry, Gloria instantly made us feel at ease, and she went out of her way to make us feel comfortable and happy before we even arrived.

From the moment the course began, it went above and beyond any of the expectations we had. The way the Shivakali course was structured was so thoughtful with every element being carefully considered. This created an amazing learning environment with like-minded people, where we were all given the opportunity to flourish. Our amazing teachers Gloria and Pranathi were incredible; their depth of knowledge was unbelievable, but more than that, it was the care and love in which they conducted everything that made the experience truly unforgettable.

Ratna Ling: What surprised you during your Teacher Training?

Pippa: The most surprising and wonderful thing about the YTT were the people. Our course had a huge variety of people from all backgrounds and all ages who came together through the love of yoga and the belief of its power. Learning and sharing this experience with such a wide variety of people only enriched it, and I believe it has made us all better teachers as a result.

Ratna Ling: What is something from YTT that will remain with you forever?

Pippa: For me, it was seeing the way yoga united people on our YTT course that will remain with me forever. Yoga is so much more than a fashionable method of staying fit. It is a way of life with the power to heal and bring inner peace. The course has changed the way I see life and has bought me so much joy.

Ratna Ling: Any other thoughts on the teachers, curriculum, schedule, setting, food, or community?

Pippa: The curriculum was so well thought out and covered such a vast array of topics, from the roots and history of yoga to the business side of yoga. On top of that, the postural clinical was a personal highlight, where we analyzed each of the postures and then worked on adjustments from different body types. Gloria’s knowledge of the body and how it moves is outstanding, and it was such a valuable experience learning from someone so knowledgeable.

Doing our YTT at Ratna Ling, a Buddhist community in the Redwoods, only enhanced the experience and made it more unforgettable. The community they have created there is wonderful, and we were welcomed in with open arms and made to feel like part of the family instantaneously. All in all, I cannot recommend more highly doing your YTT with Shivakali, it is a life-changing experience that we will treasure forever.

For more details on Shivakali Yoga Teacher Training with Gloria Barraquio, Serge Bandura, Pranathi Reddy, and Jonny Karroll at Ratna Ling, please visit out Website.