A friend recently shared we me a lovely expression “Drop by drop the ocean is filled,” We often think our progress needs to be in big strides or we lose patience, are tempted to give up, defer, or try another way. We can instead turn to our own inner knowledge. The first step of progress is turning our attention – bringing the power of our awareness to our goal. Then with an interested and caring focus, our hearts will quickly follow.

In our tradition we work to know our minds, which contain both the light of happiness and the darkness of negativity.  There is a rhythm and sequence to our responses that, with some training, we can see.  By learning to see how the patterns of our experience unfold, we not only learn we have a choice (say of light vs dark thoughts or feelings) we also learn how to make that choice.  This can be a lifelong pursuit on the path to enlightenment, more wondrous each step along the way.

However, it can also be the turning of our attention to light and beauty in any given moment.  If you notice, no matter the day or the place, you can always find beauty.  The more you do this very simple practice right there in your daily life, the more your attention will go there – to beauty and light – first.  With the heart thus fed it naturally opens.

With persistence, patience, and confidence, drop by drop, you will one day see you are no longer where you were!

With good wishes for your health and happiness,