Can we believe in miracles? Maybe the question is, can we notice miracles that happen? We can let go of, or be freed from, patterns of pain or fear that we thought were permanent features of our lives. What are these patterns? Simply, patterns of holding. When these patterns release, our capacity for joy grows and we reclaim some of our life force that was tied up in the holding. It is a small miracle!

We are fortunate in this time to have access to many healing modalities – physical, spiritual and a large range in-between. Some are ancient and some have arisen in recent decades as “holistic health,” the view that body, mind and spirit are integrated systems, made more ubiquitous a potent view of wellness and healing.

Tarthang Tulku, in recent books, takes us on a healing journey with the introduction of how our mind/body complex operates in a way to keep us in seemingly safe patterns that maintain a status quo but actually can be the source is dissatisfaction and unhappiness.
As an example, we automatically turn away from a memory of pain or respond to an unthreatening situation with fear or anxiety. We lose our precious energy and feel like our negative responses are inevitable. What if they are not? What if you could see these patterns directly and find that they dissolve, and a little clarity arises?

With each degree of clarity, our minds and bodies find ease. As moments of ease appear, the heart fills, the throat opens, the entanglements of body and mind loosen, and experience becomes full. It is a small miracle that happens a little at a time. But we only need to see it once and no matter where we are, our hearts grow in love.