Ritch Addison

Ritch Addison, PhD, is a Clinical Professor in the Department of
Family and Community Medicine at the University of California, San
Francisco, School of Medicine, and the Behavioral Medicine Director
at the Sutter Santa Rosa Family Medicine Residency. He maintains
an independent clinical practice as a licensed psychologist
specializing in seeing physicians and other health care clinicians.
He has led both Personal and Professional Development groups and
Balint groups for physicians and other health care professionals for
over 35 years. He is a Past President of the American Balint Society.

Events with Ritch Addison

Healing, Mindfulness, and Compassion Retreat (CEUs Available)
October 25, 2019

Health care professionals are invited to attend the annual integrative medicine and Balint process program which will combine Western medicine perspectives, Balint group process, and the traditional Tibetan practices of Kum Nye yoga and meditation. Attendees will gain an understanding of the complex factors in the provider/patient relationship and the tools necessary to integrate conventional and complimentary approaches to patient care. The Tibetan Aid Project has facilitated the sharing of Buddhist insights and healing techniques…