Gloria Baraquio

Born and raised in Hawaii, Gloria has been teaching vinyasa since 2006, studying Tibetan Buddhism since 2004, and singing devotional music since she was a child.  She earned her 200-hour certificate from Yoga Hawaii and her 300-hour training with Raghunath Cappo and Radhanath Swami in India.  Gloria has practiced with spiritual, indigenous, and ancient traditions of Hawaii, Catholicism, Christianity, Baha’i, Agape, Vaishnavism, Hinduism,  Zen, and Tibetan Buddhism.  Her aim is to help each individual cultivate an intimate relationship with themselves and their surroundings so that they can live more fully, with love, peace,  gratitude and well-being. Gloria is currently the Director of Programs at Ratna Ling, sharing her time between the Big Island of Hawaii and Ratna Ling.  She is also the Co-Director of Shivakali Yoga School.

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Events with Gloria Baraquio

Change and Surrender - Working with the ups and downs of life
August 9 - 11, 2024

Join Ratna Ling Faculty this weekend to explore Buddhist teachings and practices to support you in navigating life’s changes! When life surprises you with abundance or poverty, praise or blame, those are the moments when we experience what it truly means to be human. What is real, and what are we attached to? What are we losing, and what remains the same? Some of us are experiencing deep changes right now: loss of income, starting…