Andi Egle

Andi Egle received degrees from both the College of Arts of Riga and the Academy of Arts of Latvia. He has been a student of the Tibetan master, Tarthang Tulku, since 2009. During this time, he has created numerous sculptures in the Buddhist tradition, along with studying and practicing various forms of Kum Nye.

Events with Andi Egle

Discovering Stillness and Calmness in the Midst of Our Life
July 4 - 7, 2024

Kum Nye Relaxation Tibetan Yoga Retreat The world will be balanced when we are balanced. We participate in infinitely complex and interdependent relationships with all of the many levels of existence., from subatomic to cosmic. Our immediate environment is also related to every other environment on earth, and the earth is influenced by events in the far reaches of the universe. Every action we take, however small, affects the whole universe, just as every wave…