Loren Altura

With over 1900 hours of training hours, Loren has been teaching yoga for over a decade and practicing for over two decades. Teaching a blend of the “ha” (sun) and “tha”  (moon) practices, Loren teaches an alignment based yoga practice which often includes pranayama techniques, mantra, music and yoga philosophy. By focusing on precision, Loren creates a container where freedom can be found through focus. Loren teaches public yoga classes in Marin/S.F. as well as workshops and retreats.


Events with Loren Altura

Radical Self-Love: A Spring Retreat to Cultivate Loving Awareness
April 29 - May 1, 2022

We welcome guest teachers Loren Altura and Kat Shotz of Marin for this special retreat on Radical Self-Love. While many of us are taught to care for others and practice generosity, some of us aren’t taught how to love and care for ourselves.  How do we listen to our hearts? How do we know what we need and want? How can we honor our boundaries and communicate lovingly with others?  How can we accept ourselves…