Felicia Evans

Felicia is a Body Mind Coach and 200-hour Certified Yoga Teacher. She guides her students and clients to
embrace their own unique individuality, inner wisdom, and strength within. Felicia encourages everyone
she works with to embrace who they truly are and step away from the fears of not fitting in. She
believes that life is too short to spend it judging ourselves, and instead we should use this human
experience to be who we are and love who we are. Felicia believes that the body stores all of our
wounds and traumas and when we slow down and drop into the body, that is when we can check in
with ourselves, receive clarity, and heal. Through her own personal practice of yoga and continuous
journey of healing, Felicia has connected with herself in a way that is raw, real, and true and she inspires
others to do the same. Learn more at www.FeliciaEvansHealing.com