Patricia Becker

Patricia Becker is a Yoga, Breath and Diet Coach with 30 years experience of study, practical experience and coaching. Certified Yoga Alliance RYT®  E-RYT®.  Patricia has a Yoga TV Show, YouTube Channel, Live Online Programs. She was a Yoga Instructor for Stanford’s Health Improvement Program for 11 years. Learn More at

Events with Patricia Becker

The Joy of Yoga
March 8 - 10, 2024

Bathe in the joy of yoga with stretching and strengthening poses as well as breath awareness meditation. Expect a playful practice of self-acceptance and exploration at the beautiful Ratna Ling.    Great for those of all ages who • are new to yoga  • feel stiff • want to slow down and care for yourself • want greater agility • want a stronger healthier back • want to be more flexible • want to maintain…