Andrew Todhunter

Andrew Todhunter is an award-winning writer and lecturer at Stanford University, where he teaches writing, interdisciplinary creativity and contemplative practice. He is the co-founder and co-director of two programs at Stanford—The Senior Reflection, and the LifeWorks Program for Integrative Learning. His book A Meal Observed won the PEN USA Literary Award for Creative Nonfiction. He is also the author of Dangerous Games and the San Francisco Chronicle bestseller Fall of the Phantom Lord. A longtime practitioner of meditation and Aikido, he often integrates these practices and wilderness experience into his courses at Stanford.

Events with Andrew Todhunter

The Wordless Way - A Mindfulness & Writing Retreat
June 13 - 18, 2023

This five-day retreat is designed for anyone interested in deepening their awareness and surfacing more vividly their inner life. Based on a program they developed at Stanford University, Jonah and Andrew will show participants how to use writing as a contemplative practice, creating the space to relax, expand, and allow language to express their most authentic selves. Set in the natural beauty and sacred spaces of Ratna Ling, the retreat will be especially useful for…