Mairin McCracken

Mairin was drawn to yoga back in 2011 because it seemed to align with her dance background and helped her overcome an injury. She stayed because it soothed her nervous system, helped her through life’s challenges, and increased her capacity for loving herself (and others). Mairin began teaching yoga in late 2016 and has been teaching Vinyasa and Sculpt Yoga (Vinyasa-style classes that infuse strength training and plyometrics) ever since. 

Mairin grounds her classes in philosophy, always giving her students something to ruminate on as they move and breathe together. Her favorite sources of inspiration are Pema Chodron, Father Gregory Boyle, David Whyte, myths from the Bhagavad Gita and other ancient texts, and her Kindergarten students (oh yeah, she lives a double life as a classroom teacher!).  You can learn more at