Sprout Sera Sagrada

Sprout Sera Sagrada (They/Goddess)

Their name is an embodiment of who they are-Sacred Being. Born and raised in California, Yoga found them at age 18, and 10 years later began teaching mindful hatha. The lineages that resonate deeply with Sera are Bhakti Yoga, Tibetan and Zen Buddhism. Following this path led them to their re-indigenization to their Mayan roots (Guatemala, Nicaragua y México). They facilitate Cacao Gatherings as an offering to their ancestors and to Pachamama, Mother Earth. They come with the intention of Bodhichitta, to being empathetic to all beings, as well as being dedicated to helping others find enlightenment, freedom from suffering, and reconnection to Madre Tierra.

Events with Sprout Sera Sagrada

Winter Rituals: A Yoga and Cacao Retreat
December 8 - 10, 2023

As the season turns to more darkness and cold, our bodies naturally long to retreat inward.  December is a time to reflect on what has transpired in the year and process all of the emotions and experiences of 2023.  This retreat is designed for you to get quiet, to sit by the fire, drink some cacao, let the mind settle, and just let go.  Let yourself be silent and enjoy the gifts of stillness. This…