Frances Belleza

Frances Belleza is a local Bay Area native and yoga teacher whose practice marries movement, sound, breathwork and devotion. She believes that everyone can tap into divine self through their mind, body and soul. Frances supports this discovery through yoga styles like Hatha and Vinyasa, centering practices like meditation and elevates collective frequency through music and chanting. 

Events with Frances Belleza

Listening to the Heart - A Bhakti Yoga Retreat
March 1 - 3, 2024

We welcome a special Guest Teacher, Frances Belleza of the Bay Area, to offer this heart-opening and self-reflective retreat! There are times in our lives when we feel disconnected, when we need something more, or something feels out of alignment. This is when we can pause, take a deep breath, and listen to our heart space. What is true for us? What matters to us? What can I let go of? In this heart-expanding retreat,…