Merrill Peterson

After encountering Tibetan Buddhism in college, Merrill Peterson has been studying Buddhist teachings and his own mind for now over 50 years. He became a student of Tarthang Tulku in 1970 and has plunged into reading the texts and making the work of preserving Tibetan traditions his main focus in life.

He was the Production Manager at Dharma Press from 1974-1978, and the Project Manager for the Derge Kangyur & Tangyur reprint from 1978-1981.  He then worked on the Arbor Prayer Wheel project from 2017-2019, and has worked at Yeshe De Text Preservation since 2019. He now serves as the Bindery Manager at Yeshe De.


Events with Merrill Peterson

Change and Surrender - Working with the ups and downs of life
August 9 - 11, 2024

Join Ratna Ling Faculty this weekend to explore Buddhist teachings and practices to support you in navigating life’s changes! When life surprises you with abundance or poverty, praise or blame, those are the moments when we experience what it truly means to be human. What is real, and what are we attached to? What are we losing, and what remains the same? Some of us are experiencing deep changes right now: loss of income, starting…