Melody Hopkins

Melody had the desire to ease suffering in others at a young age. After working in the medical field as a nurse’s aid and as an in-home caregiver for disabled persons, she decided to find a path that would better enable her to reach her personal and humanitarian goals. This led her to the healing arts.
After attending massage therapy school in 2002 she studied alternative medicine to have a deeper knowledge of herbs, ayurvedic medicine and TCM. Shortly after her studies she became an esthetician.
Melody has worked closely with acupuncturists, chiropractors and physical therapists. Working in conjunction with these professionals has deepened her understanding of the body as far as the benefits of manual manipulation, breath and encouraging an easeful nervous system.  In 2017, Melody was reintroduced to the benefits of gua sha while learning to teach yoga at the Dhyana Center in Sebastopol, CA. After experiencing the personal benefits and the benefits her clients experienced from gua sha, she now incorporates gua sha in her bodywork and skin care. She also teaches self gua sha massage techniques at Radiate Studio, as well as Yin Yoga.

Events with Melody Hopkins

Coming into Balance - A retreat with yoga and massage
April 11 - 13, 2025

We welcome Dana Hancock and Melody Hopkins of Sebastopol to offer a nourishing self-care retreat that will leave you relaxed and renewed! Pairing two powerhouses in health and wellness, this weekend retreat combines yoga practice with the traditional Chinese medicine of gua sha to invite self-care and overall wellness. Attendees will enjoy refreshing vinyasa yoga counterbalanced by both restorative yoga and gua sha face and body treatments to create harmony in body and mind. You…