Absolutely! Children ages 12 and under stay at Ratna Ling for free. A fee of $30 per child per night is required to cover meals and amenities. Regular rates will apply to children 13 years and older. Although, most regularly scheduled classes and workshops are not necessarily appropriate for children (aside from specially designated programming), many families enjoy spending the uninterrupted quality time together. We ask that children be supervised and cared for by a parent or guardian at all times during their stay. Ratna Ling does not provide child care. You might like to consider bringing children to the Thanksgiving Retreat, as there are many children that attend and a nice variety of activities planned for them.

Yes. There are only 2 queen beds provided per cottage. Please indicate in your registration or email that you would like to bring a 3rd or 4th guest, and we will send you pricing. Rates will vary per retreat. Upon approval, we will send you an invoice. 3rd and 4th beds are not often available.

Ratna Ling does not function as a traditional monastic community. We welcome all people regardless of lifestyle, culture, or religion and a relationship with Buddhism is not necessary. However, Ratna Ling does uphold Buddhist principles and all guests and residents are asked to adhere to mindful practices such as compassionate and respectful behavior toward oneself, one another, animals and insects, and the grounds. Guests are encouraged to join in our classes to discover more about Tibetan Buddhism.

We are dedicated to your well-being as well as our own. The day is structured to offer you the maximum amount of care and attention while allowing our volunteer staff and guests alike ample time for spiritual practice and study. Ratna Ling is closed to the public between 12:00 PM Sunday and 3:00 PM Monday (except for special events). There is a holiday break from mid-December through mid-January so community members can enjoy their own retreat time and visit their families.

Check-In is at 3:00 PM. Cottages may not be available prior to 3:00 PM, ask about early check-ins. Your first meal will be dinner, served at 5:30 PM.

As an intentional working community, Ratna Ling staff carries out many different tasks throughout the property and our hours of operation are between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM. The Reception desk is staffed between 3:00-4:00 PM. If you plan to arrive after 4:00 PM it is important to alert Guest Services at (510) 809-4995 or (510) 809-4987 with your estimated time of arrival. If your estimated time of arrival is after 5:30 PM, we will arrange to leave an envelope with your name containing your Welcome Packet, cottage keys, invoice for remaining balance (if applicable) and map in the After Hours Check-In Box, located to the left of the Lodge main entrance doors. At this time there is no reception staff after hours. If this will be your first stay at Ratna Ling, we highly recommend you arrive during daylight hours, so that you can find us more easily.

Check-out time is 11:00 AM for Personal Retreats and 12:00 PM for Group Retreats. You will be asked to bring your cottage keys to the Lodge Reception Area to finalize your stay. There will be a $25 fee for unreturned keys. A member of the staff will be happy to assist you in any way we can. The last meal served on check-out day is 8:00 AM breakfast (Monday – Saturday) or 10:00 AM brunch (Sunday).

Yes! The Welcome Guide in your cottage lists several helpful actions that you can take to help tidy your cottage before you leave. Tasks such as stripping the beds or turning off the thermostat may seem insignificant, but actually are greatly beneficial to our housekeeping team. Of course, such actions are not required, but are much appreciated.

We love our animal friends but unfortunately, due to health codes and guest allergies, we cannot have pets stay at Ratna Ling. We ask that if you stay with us you make arrangements to have your pet cared for while you stay at Ratna Ling.

San Francisco and Oakland International airports are approximately 3 hours south of Ratna Ling by car. The Sonoma County Airport in Santa Rosa is approximately 1.5 hours from Ratna Ling. There are ground shuttles to Santa Rosa Airport from both San Francisco and Oakland airports, as well as flights. There are car rental companies at Santa Rosa Airport also.

Unfortunately, due to the remoteness of Ratna Ling, there is no public transportation that can bring you directly to the Center. There are car rental companies at all area airports.

Unfortunately, Ratna Ling does not offer public tours. All Ratna Ling visitors must have a reservation or previous arrangements to access the grounds.

Yes! Should you choose to venture off property, our location is ideal for exploring the sheer natural beauty of 76 miles of Pacific Coastline and ancient redwood forests. As Ratna Ling is situated on the ridge line of Salt Point State Park which encompasses 6,000 acres and has 20 miles of hiking trails. We can provide all guests access to hiking trail maps of the surrounding area, complete with suggested routes to our favorite hiking trail and clear directions to other local trail heads. These maps are located on the Reception desk of the main Lodge for easy access during retreats.

There is rarely cell phone reception in this area (coastal highway Route 1 to Ratna Ling). If you need to use your cell phone, plan to make your last phone calls well in advance. Every cottage has a telephone that is available for your use and calls within the country are free of charge. The phone in your cottage can also receive calls and your direct line will be displayed on the telephone’s LED screen. Feel free to give this number to family or friends once you have arrived. Complimentary wireless internet is available in every cottage and in common areas. There is no password needed. Verizon customers have cell reception on parts of the property.

Ratna Ling is in a beautiful but very remote location. The closest shops are nearly 45-60 minutes away by car. Please be sure to shop for any snacks, toiletries, etc. prior to your arrival at Ratna Ling.

Yes, this is true. We ask all guests and visitors to kindly and respectfully remove their outdoor shoes at all entrances including the Lodge and Dining Hall, Yoga Room and Cottages. Clean “indoor only shoes,” such as slippers, are wonderful items to bring. Bare feet or socks are also fine indoors.

Our all vegetarian meals are prepared with great love and care and served buffet style three times a day. Please visit our Dining Page for more detailed information.

The climate around Ratna Ling, though mostly moderate, can change rapidly. Winter weather can be moderate and sunny to quite cool, windy and rainy (November – April) with temperatures averaging in the mid-50’s. Summers, on the other hand, tend to be dry and warm, climbing into to 70s and occasionally 80s during the day and then cooling down to the 50s and 60s in the evenings.

Because of the unusual coastal climate which can change throughout the day and week, layers of comfortable, casual clothing are always the best! Due to the spiritual nature of Ratna Ling, we do ask that men and women dress respectfully and tastefully and do not wear revealing or offensive clothing.

Ratna Ling is a drug-free and smoke-free facility, with no exceptions, including marijuana. There will be a cottage clean-up charge assessed if this policy is violated. It is fine to bring a bottle of wine or beer to enjoy in the privacy of your cottage. Please refrain from bringing hard alcohol. Alcohol may not be consumed in common areas.

It is important that all guests arrive at Ratna Ling healthy and ready for full participation in your retreat. As we live in a small community, contagious illnesses can spread quickly. Please delay your arrival if you are sick or have any type of cold, flu or illness that could be contagious to others.

We are cognizant of environmental sensitivities from which some people suffer. We have designed our spaces to be comfortable for most people. Please do alert the Ratna Ling staff prior to booking if you have any specific allergies so that we can confirm our ability to accommodate you comfortably.

  • Sun Protection: Hat, sun block, sunglasses, breathable long-sleeved shirts, etc.
  • Rain gear, umbrella and good sturdy shoes during the rainy season
  • Appropriate outerwear for the season
  • Yoga clothes or clothes that allow you to move freely
  • Flashlight (it can get extremely dark outside at night and there is very limited outdoor lighting)
  • Water bottle
  • Alarm clock
  • Slip-on shoes or slippers for indoors
  • Insect repellent for summer retreats
  • Personal hygiene items such as your favorite shampoo, moisturizer, toothbrush/paste, soap etc. (Towels, bedding, shampoo and hand-soap is provided)
  • Calling cards for international calls. Domestic calls are complimentary.
  • Meal service is provided, however, you are welcome to bring additional snacks and beverages into your cottage.

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