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Buddhist Studies Series – Sutra Study: Invitation to Enlightenment

With Hugh Joswick, Ph.D.

June 22 - August 10, 2022

Wednesdays, 7:00 – 8:30 pm Pacific Time

Through the Sutra Study classes offered by The Tibetan Nyingma Institute in Berkeley, we engage with essential texts within the Mahayana tradition. Through careful reading and focused discussion, we experience the breadth and depth of the Buddhist tradition and contemplate how these wisdom teachings which have been carried forward for centuries inform our understanding of our present experience.

Buddhist teachers used a great variety of literary forms in presenting the Dharma. One classic tradition was an epistle or letter written to students and disciples. These writings bring out the depth and scope of Buddhist teachings in a manner that is both poetic and accessible. Using Dharma Publishing’s edition of two of these letters—the “Letter to the Great King Kaniṣka” by Mātṛceṭa and the “Letter to a Disciple” by Candragomin—we will practice and discuss the advice given in these commentaries as to how begin to know the Buddhist path.

We will read the Invitation to Enlightenment, which can be purchased from Dharma Publishing.

Please note – we much close registration several days prior to the class start date to allow time for registration with the organization offering the class.  If you are interested, sign up now!!




Hugh Joswick, Ph.D.
Hugh Joswick, Ph.D., has been studying and practicing at Nyingma Institute under Tarthang Tulku’s senior students since the mid-1990’s. He has also co-edited several books under the close direction of Tarthang Tulku, including Caring and the Lotus Trilogy books. He holds a Ph.D. from Yale University, and a B.A. and M.A. from Oxford University, where he was a Rhodes Scholar. He has taught philosophy at the university level and is currently the Managing Editor of Mangalam Press, the publishing…
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