• $300.00 – For 1 guest in Private Room (Shared Cottage)
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Work as Meditation – SPECIAL PRICING

June 23 - 25, 2023

Get a taste of volunteering at Ratna Ling for a weekend, and find mindfulness in all that you do!

How do you find balance between all of life’s demands with your need for solitude and reflection? Many of us struggle with finding the time for meditation, contemplation, and ritual when we’re so busy with work, raising our families, tending to our loved ones, and keeping up with our fast-paced culture.

What if you could take a weekend to integrate all of it? To no longer feel separated from the real world or from your spiritual life? What if you could feel that every moment of your life was perfect and sacred? Even the difficult and mundane moments. What if your approach throughout the day could be peaceful and balanced?

At this special weekend at Ratna Ling, we will give you opportunities to watch your mind while you are doing menial tasks, such as washing dishes, cleaning windows, stacking books, or pulling weeds.  Can every action be linked with your breath? Can every thought be considered precious and useful? We will learn that spiritual practice is available to us at every moment, regardless of what emotion is arising or what thought is coming up. We can learn to make friends with our mind and not feel divided or conflicted. We can create space for all of it.




3:00pm Check in

4:30-5:30pm Opening Circle

5:30-7:00pm Dinner + Cleanup

7:15-8:00pm Meditation



7:00-8:00am Meditation

8:00-9:15am Breakfast + Cleanup

9:30-11:30am Work Practice

12:30-1:45pm Lunch + Cleanup

3:00-5:00pm Work Practice

5:30pm-7:00pm Dinner + Cleanup

7:15-8:00pm Meditation



8:00-9:00am Meditation

9:00-10:00 Closing Circle

10:00-11:30am Brunch + Cleanup

12:00pm Checkout