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Beginning Meditation: Opening to Inner Wisdom – Online

With Suellen Ehnebuske

February 21 - April 3, 2024

Wednesdays 6:00-7:15 PM PST)

Meditation instruction and practice in the Nyingma tradition guide the  practitioner to a deep calm in body and mind. Nyingma practice  makes way for insights about ourselves and ultimately invites us to engage our full human potential.

In this 7-week class, teachers from our sister organization, the Nyingma Institute offer a selection of traditional meditation techniques to quiet and clarify the mind, practices that widen our perspective, develop inner serenity, and balance the energy of body and mind. The class practices include Kum Nye Tibetan yoga slow movement exercises, silent as well as lightly guided meditations, chanting, visualizations, and reflections. All with a focus on cultivating awareness and widening our perspective of life.

When we make the commitment to meditate, we are creating an opportunity to meet our moment-to-moment experience in very different ways than we usually do. Learning to meditate is an invitation to experiment and explore the inner space of meditative awareness and open ourselves to a path of inner wisdom and knowing. More than just being calm, meditation has the potential to stabilize the mind, relax the body and open our hearts to greater generosity and kindness toward ourselves and for others.

Aspiring meditators, beginning meditators and those with previous meditation experience who would like to stabilize a lapsed practice are most welcome.  Supporting text will be from Hidden Mind of Freedom by Tarthang Tulku.







(MED 104)