• $700.00 – For 1 guest in Private Room
  • $1,050.00 – For 1 guest in Private Cottage
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Softening the Heart – Reflections on Compassion

With Linda Copenhagen, Gloria Baraquio and Tina Rath

May 17 - 19, 2024

Join resident teachers of Ratna Ling for a weekend dedicated to cultivating compassion and an open heart.

Kindness. Empathy. Warmth. What if each of us could experience these qualities everyday?

In the modern world of capitalism and technology, many of us feel pressured to be firm, fixed, and rigid in our identity. We can  feel hardened and rushed by the pace at which things are expected of us. We are led to frustration, stress, and overwhelm, and not only does it become difficult for others to deal with us; we can barely deal with ourselves. How do we soften and relax? Where can we find respite?

We can start with the breath. And we can look at the world with new eyes. We can begin to see our own pain and start to care for the struggles of others. We slow down and realize why we behave the way we do, and we make sense of why others are acting the way they do. Our rigid beliefs and expectations begin to soften, and we have more grace for ourselves and others.

Compassion is a daily practice, and it gets better over time. When compassion is present, life becomes easier, relationships become sweeter, and work becomes joyful! This retreat will provide spaces for us to practice and explore compassion and how it can improve every aspect of our life.

The weekend includes:

  • Relaxation, breathing, and movement
  • Silent & guided meditation
  • Mantra meditation
  • Reading and discussion of spiritual texts
  • Journaling and reflection
  • Time in nature
  • Nourishing, vegetarian meals
  • A spacious, peaceful cottage for your rest
  • PLUS an Art Project with Guest Artist Tina Rath: The REQUIEM Project, a remembrance of all who have died from Covid 19

SCHEDULE (Subject to change):


3:00pm Check-in

4:30-5:30pm Breathe & Soften (OPTIONAL)

5:30pm Dinner

7:00pm  Opening Circle


7:00-8:00 am Relaxation Practices (Please observe silence) – Gloria

8:00 am Breakfast

9:00-10:30 am Reflection and Discussion – Linda

10:30 am Optional Art Project with Tina Rath

12:15 pm  Lunch

1:00 pm Temple Tour – George

2:00 pm Optional Art Project with Tina Rath

3:45-4:00 pm  Silent Walk in Nature

4:00-5:30 pm  Practices for Compassion – Gloria

5:30 pm Dinner

7:00-8:00 pm  Tibetan Bowls + Meditation – Linda


8:00-9:00 am Gentle Movement and Meditation – Gloria

9:00-10:00 am  Closing Circle

10:00 am Brunch


Linda Copenhagen
Linda Copenhagen  holds a degree in accounting from San Francisco State University and is a Certified Public Accountant. She has studied Tibetan Buddhism in the Nyingma lineage since 1996.  For the past several years she has been a CFO and financial consultant in the non-profit sector. Formerly, she has held roles as Director of Corporate Accounting at Art.com, Inc, Senior Director at Leapfrog Enterprises and Controller/Director of Finance in several technology startups. Linda now brings…
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Gloria Baraquio
Born and raised in Hawaii, Gloria has been teaching vinyasa since 2006, studying Tibetan Buddhism since 2004, and singing devotional music since she was a child.  She earned her 200-hour certificate from Yoga Hawaii and her 300-hour training with Raghunath Cappo and Radhanath Swami in India.  Gloria has practiced with spiritual, indigenous, and ancient traditions of Hawaii, Catholicism, Christianity, Baha’i, Agape, Vaishnavism, Hinduism,  Zen, and Tibetan Buddhism.  Her aim is to help each individual cultivate…
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Tina Rath
Tina Rath is a Bay Area yoga teacher and visual artist who often describes what she does as being in the transformation business. Described as spirited, warm, insightful and authentic, Tina weaves storytelling, art history and a bit of word-smithing into her thoughtful, nurturing yoga practices. In the yoga studio and in her art practice, she embraces the framework of neuroaethetics as a foundation for healing and helping others to remember who they are. https://tinarath.com/
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