• $775.00 – Per person for a private bedroom is a shared 2 bedroom cottage with shared bath
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Robin Duryea Yoga

December 6 - 8, 2019

This is a special weekend dedicated to staying healthy, nourished, and grounded through the winter/holiday season. You’ll leave feeling clear, light, and inspired.

This weekend Robin be leading you through 4 vinyasa classes designed to detox and purify the body. Building heat while cultivating strength and stamina we’ll cleanse the system of excess stress, food, and drink.

In addition, Robin will be holding Pranic Breathing workshop. This is a special type of breath work that cleanses the energetic body. It has the power to illuminate and remove deeply held stresses offering clarity, insight, and inspiration. The effects are a sense of lightness and ease and many have shared effects of personal transformation.

With plenty of time for yourself, to hike and connect with the land, and each other, the weekend is sure to hold and ground you in all the ways you need.

Please note:  For information, please reach out to Robin directly at robinduryea@gmail.com. The Registration Button will redirect you to her website.