It is always a good time to learn more about ourselves. Our sister organization, Dharma Publishing offers a wide range of publications based on the teaching of our founder, Tarthang Tulku, and from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, the 1,400 year old tradition that offers an authentic path to a more rewarding life and ultimately to Enlightenment.

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NEW – The Quiet Moments Collection: Breath, Inspiration, Contemplation and Compassion

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This guide to awareness, self-healing, and meditation provides comfort and inspiration through essays and practices including the awakening of compassion within, opening the heart and healing through positive energy. Nurtured in heart-felt meditation, these simple practices guide us to rich experience and a life where we find both balance and accomplishment.


We are introduced to visualization, meditation, breathing, and dream yoga techniques to support us in our daily activities. Opportunities are presented to reflect on experience, to better understand emotions and the self-image. Beginning with openness and deepened through meditation, we progress toward awakening our mind and calling forth our most positive energies– no longer separated from the possibility of enlightenment.


In this book we practice learning from experience and gaining confidence by using our inner resources. The reader is introduced to meditation and self-observation practices that balance emotions, deepen concentration and expand awareness. Practices using the power of breath lead to steadying thoughts and creating calm. This generates greater patience which allows love and compassion to flow freely, enhancing every aspect of modern life.


The beauty of the development of compassion and wisdom is expressed it art and poetic language in 2 volume collection of the Buddha’s account of his life, enlightenment, and first teachings. Also known as the Lalitavistara Sutra, each chapter includes carefully reproduced traditional Tibetan art, which deepens understanding and adds to the simple enjoyment of perusing these lovely books. This selection is a good choice for anyone who loves beautiful books, is interested in Buddhism or who enjoys reading to explore their own spiritual path.


This is a go-to book for practitioners of Tibetan meditation, or anyone who wants to deepen their meditation practice. It contains practical exercises to prepare mind and body for meditation and guides the practitioner in ways to let go of fear and anxiety, be more honest and compassionate, and become more focused and relaxed. The exercises and techniques include postures, breathing practices, visualization, mantra, and dream yoga.

“Meditation is something you do for yourself — for your own balance and health”. Tarthang Tulku


Also known as Tibetan Yoga, this book is a complete guide to health and well-being. Kum Nye is essentially meditation in motion and is a great choice for those who are interested in personal development through both movement and meditation. The system guides the practitioner in methods that relieve stress, promote relaxation and aide in deepening meditation. Kum Nye consists of breathing, massage, postures, and movement exercises that release blockages and allows energy to flow through body and mind, restoring a feeling of wholeness.


More than 40 physical, sensory, and mental exercises that introduce us to new dimensions of enjoyment and pleasure. Once we experience the intense, energized state generated by Kum Nye practice, we know it can lead us home to the heart of our being. “Kum Nye: It is a practice that gives you the direct experience, and it is the experience that enables you to transform the quality of your life.” Thartang Tulku


This classic meditation text is the perfect gift for anyone who has, or is developing, a meditation practice. Topics include: how to meditate on impermanence, the nature of suffering, qualities that relieve obscurations, and the path to enlightenment. Includes an introduction to Shamata and Vipasyana meditation practices. Provides insight into the causes of suffering and uses concentration and observation as tools for deepening meditation.


Subtitle: The Great Compassion of the Buddha. The focus is on karma and the importance of developing wisdom and compassion. The theme is the practice of the Six Perfections: giving, moral discipline, patience, effort, meditation, and wisdom. This book also provides an understanding of the historical context of the Buddha and his disciples. The beautiful illustrations consist of a rare series of 22 thankas — Tibetan Buddhist paintings depicting a Buddhist deity, scene, or mandala.


This book contains 34 accounts of Buddha’s previous lives. Known as Jakatas, this collection gives us an opportunity to reflect upon our moral choices and the reality of karma. The insights into the reality of karma help us develop the discipline we need to acknowledge and change destructive patterns of behavior. These teachings illuminate the understanding of karma, the strength of virtue, and the enlightening power of compassion