What does it mean to go inside oneself? Often there is hesitancy because we don’t fully understand how it works and more importantly, we can’t be sure what we may find there. The riddles found in the personal growth section of your bookstore do little to clear this up for us.

What we come to understand through the inner work offered at Ratna Ling is that we are in fact going within everyday of our lives. When your friend asks how you are feeling or  your boss asks if you have hit that deadline, your attention is automatically taken from the outside world to the inside one.

When you take an intentional look inside, you are offered, effectively, the “Greatest Show on Earth.” It’s where you’ll discover who you are, and perhaps more importantly, who you are not.

When you travel inward, you find a world of curiosities. You can climb aboard the roller coaster of pains and disappointment of childhood, a spinning carousel of the stressors of work and family, or perhaps you’ll wander into a hall of mirrors and experience the reflection of every complicated romance you’ve ever had.

Does inner work always have to be painful? No, but if you’ve found your pain points, you know you’ve reached the starting line. To understand that all of the pain and suffering we experience comes from within is the single best compass for navigating the inevitable highs and lows of the human experience.

A meditation practice to calm and soothe the chaotic mind becomes important when the expectations of the world no longer make sense. When the demands of work, family, politics, and lifestyle challenge your values and gut instincts.

We need not fear or blame the mind for our problems, but we can ask it to rest in silence for a while. If you can experience this silence, the mind progressively resists less and a steady state of well-being can begin to blossom. It is difficult even for the chattery mind to resist peace!

Ratna Ling provides a supportive and healing environment to explore the challenges and to celebrate the triumphs of going within. We offer monthly themed retreats that focus on deepening your meditation, healthy living, coaxing your inner artist, self-care through yoga and more!

By Katie Roerich, a volunteer at Ratna Ling.